Description: A solitary dolphin creature creates an abstract painting by throwing a tantrum!

Content Warning: Bugs/centipede, upset vocalizations, mild(?) fantasy violence/gore, and nude/skeletal body imagery

Playtime: ~5 minutes

Performance Issues: If you run into slowdown from all the painting marks, press the W key to "reset" the canvas (your painting won't disappear, but the game objects will be cleared). You may also select the "low quality" option from the title menu to have the canvas automatically reset periodically.


Thank you for finding Bratavism! Interact with the title screen and menu using your mouse or trackpad. Once the game begins, you will only be using the keyboard. Fullscreen is recommended, toggle fullscreen with the Q key. Finally, please play with audio on, if possible! 

Controls are displayed in-game, so you're all set to play Bratavism! However feel free to continue reading if you are nervous or have already finished playing.

Reference Guide

Charge Centipede MeterSpace BarAllows you to take more actions
ScratchFDamages Moon Nettles, hold down to charge a ferocious spin attack
StompDDamages Moon Nettles, hold down to stomp continuously
CrySHold down to unleash tears
ScreamAThe fastest way to deplete your Centipede Meter and causes Moon Nettles to flee


  • You cannot win or lose in Bratavism. The interactive portion will simply end when the Centipede Meter is depleted.
  • Your Centipede Meter will slowly deplete on its own. Different actions will make it deplete faster by different amounts.
  • Click the arrow icon in the bottom left of the credits screen to download your painting.
  • If you want to mess around in the game or move through it quickly for reference, you can use my debug keys. Press 7 and 8 to quickly give yourself less or more Centipede. Press 9 and 0 to move to the previous or next scene. Press M to toggle muting of all sounds. 

    Full Credits

    Bratavism is heavily indebted to numerous people who shared their resources on the internet. Note: if no license is listed, the resource was shared CC0 (Public Doman). Please contact me at if your attribution is incorrect or you'd like it removed, thanks!

    Monplaisir (twitter link) as BG du 72Je ne suis plus seul sur terreMain music
    Faisons la bise au soleilCredits music
    DigitaleTitle music
    freesound.orgmccormick_iainWhip.wavCC BY 3.0Mixed in to create scratch
    chrillz3rWater splash & drops 3Mixed in for tears
    studiomandragoBooms.wavMixed for stomp
    EFlexTheSoundDesignerBone Crunch/Crack 3 (Mixed)CC BY 3.0Possibly mixed into impact sound
    Stick cracks.wav
    CC BY 3.0Possibly mixed into impact sound

    snare.wavSmall enemy hit
    djfroydSNARE HIT.wavCC BY 3.0Mixed with other sounds for big enemy hit
    marco_luziSmall Trickle
    I think it loops while crying
    sonicportStream6.wavCC BY 3.0I think this may have been cut from the final game
    MWLANDIPumpmkin Guts Squish 4.aifCC BY 3.0Mixed into enemy death effect
    duckduckponyImpacts_Splatter_Pineapple_002.wavCC BY 3.0Mixed into enemy death effect? Maybe unused.
    wilhellboyLightRingingClang.mp3Spin attack charged
    uEffectsZipper ZipUsed forward and reversed for lifting and lowering phone
    Snapper4298zip2.wavMixed into Centipede filling sound
    EpicWizardSouth Africa - St. Lucia Forest & Bird AmbienceMorning ambience
    mageduambience_forest_austria_w4tel_thunder_light_rain.wavCC BY 3.0Title/ending rain ambience
    UncleSigmundaircon.wavAC wakeup noise
    InspectorJFootsteps, Puddles, A.wavCC BY 3.0Sped up for wet footsteps
    AgaxlyCrack #9.wavCreepy crackles for Centipede Sound
    AgaxlyCrackle #1.wavCreepy crackles for Centipede Sound
    KinotonFirework: Single rocketBlastoff
    uagaduguCracking Earthquake (cracking soil, cracking stone)Blue Rising
    InspectorJAmbience, Seaside Waves, Close, A.wavCC BY 3.0Mixed into Blue's voice
    pixabay.comInspiredImages in picture frame
    InspiredImages for fridge handles
    Alfonso1967 in social media post?
    PollyDot in social media post
    skeeze in social media post
    marcelokato in social media post
    Navigator175 in social media post
    Free-Photos in social media post
    DenisK_2017 in social media post
    marcelokato in social media post
    marcelokato in social media post
    marcelokato in social media post
    marcelokato in social media post
    marcelokato in social media post
    alles in room
    AlexMercier throughout the game for rock textures
    Font SquirrelMatt McInerneyRalewaySIL Open FontMain font
    Claus Eggers SørensenPlayfair DisplaySIL Open FontTitle font
    scirra.comblack hornet technologiesSprite Font Generator - v3?Used to convert Raleway to a sprite font


    • Developed in Construct 2
    • Most art assets created in Photoshop CS5
    • Player animation created in Spriter Pro
    • Looping textures created in Krita
    • Sound recorded and manipulated in Audacity
    • Some sound effects created in Reaper