Even Scene is a virtual playset/art toy that allows you to create and save fun images. You can also add text to create comics or greeting cards to share with your friends and relations!

Drag parts from the part palette (bottom of screen) onto the canvas to place them into your scene. Then scale, rotate, and arrange the parts to create your scene. Click on the colorful option icons (left side of screen) to switch between different part palettes, or to save/export your image.

Thanks for looking at Even Scene! This is a free program, but if you like it and would like to support me, please spread the word about Even Scene and also check out my recent release Even the Ocean, a narrative platforming game with a unique 2-directional energy theme.


While a part is selected:

  • Move by clicking and dragging.
  • Delete by pressing the delete key OR clicking the red tool icon.
  • Rotate by pressing the Left/Right arrow keys OR scrolling up/down on the mouse wheel.
  • Scale by pressing the Up/Down arrow keys OR scrolling up/down on the mouse wheel with the right mouse button held down.
  • Send to the Front by pressing the "+" key (plus) OR clicking the red tool icon.
  • Send to the Back by pressing the "-" key (minus) OR clicking the red tool icon.
  • Duplicate by double clicking the part OR clicking the red tool icon.
  • Mirror by clicking the part with the middle mouse button OR clicking the red tool icon.


  • Add Text by dragging the big white T onto the canvas as if it were a normal part.
  • Move All Parts by holding the shift key and using the arrow keys.
  • View Tool Hints by hovering the mouse cursor over icons for a short time without moving (a few of them are buggy, whoops)


  • Visual previews for saving and loading will only appear during the play-session in which the saves occurred. However, the save files should still work until the browser's data is cleared, even if there is no preview!
  • Unfortunately, parts cannot be resized while they are mirrored--they must be resized first then mirrored.
  • Sometimes when large parts are dragged so that much of them is off the top of the screen, the game locks up and doesn't function properly. I believe this only happens in Google Chrome, and I don't think I can fix it.
  • I may add some parts or create other versions of Even Scene if people get into it!
  • Security features in some browsers may prevent downloads. I had issues with Internet Explorer. If you are unable to download, try adjusting your settings, using a different browser, or using a screenshot method to save your images.
  • Feedback and bug reports can be posted to the community topics at the bottom of the page, or you can contact me on twitter @even_kei
StatusIn development
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AuthorMarina Kittaka
Made withConstruct
Tagsart-program, Colorful, creator, playset, scene-creator


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