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Spiritual Fluids is a picture book memoir about the emotional landscape of a sensitive young child navigating the ever-shifting, invisible lines between the security of Godliness and a sudden plummet into a demonic and disgusting life. The story is told across 9 different fluid-themed vignettes, with illustrations melding Marina's warm sensibilities with spooky influences ranging from Junji Ito to Jack Chick.

  • 155 pages (pdf is structured as 77.5 2-page spreads)
  • Black & white
  • Contains a text-only version geared towards screen readers
  • Chapters include: Broth, Ink, Venom, Detergent, and Bath

content note: Christian themes, unsettling images, mild nudity

Stop Line 3!

All proceeds from this digital release of Spiritual Fluids go towards people and groups working to stop Line 3. Line 3 is a tar sands pipeline that a company called Enbridge is currently trying to build in violation of Indigenous treaty rights as a greed-fueled assault on our collective environmental future. The fight has been going on for years, but Line 3 was recently in the news as a number of water protectors were arrested for chaining themselves together within a section of pipeline to halt construction.

More information: https://www.stopline3.org/

Deluxe Edition ($15+ tier)

Whenever I read comics and picture books I'm always interested in the technical processes behind them! As a special thanks for larger donations, the Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Behind-the-scenes notes and art tests (17 pg. pdf)
  • Comic-style thumbnail sketches of the entire book (29 pg. pdf)
  • Set of 10 CLIP Studio Paint brushes I made for this project (NOTE: the set is missing a couple tone brushes that were based on Ray Frenden's brushes)
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AuthorMarina Kittaka
Tagschildhood, christianity, Horror, LGBT, memoir, Queer, religion


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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